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We’ve moved! You can now find us here!


Kitchen Renovation – Part 1

We moved into our current house from a repossession that we completely gutted and renovated. We’ve been here for near enough 18 months now, and as the state of this house is nowhere near as bad as the first there are still quite a lot of bigger jobs we haven’t tackled yet (more on those another day).

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Look for Less – DIY Jar Lamp

Recently I found myself falling in love with a jar lamp I’d seen on Laura Ashley’s website (original here), but I wasn’t so in love with the price tag. The main part of the lamp that appealed to me was the fact that you could restyle the empty base as you fancied – I got particularly excited at the thought of baubles in the jar at Christmas time – Simon is quite a keen DIYer, and likes “building” things so was game for a challenge…

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