DIY Gallery

I was inspired a few months ago to create my own DIY gallery, thanks to numerous pins on Pinterest. Whilst I was browsing Lauren Elizabeth/ I saw her post on DIY galleries and thought I would share my own.

I struggle with randomly placed frames as they never seem to look as good in said numerous pins as they do in my home! Maybe I’m lacking the right amount of creativity to pull it off? I’d love to be able to create something artistic but I’ve settled for putting my own spin on the gallery using a few things in common to (hopefully) create a pleasing look.

ImageI used the same style of black frame, but different sizes, centred around an incredible “Let them Eat Cake” print I got in a sale for £5. At the moment the frames are filled with free printables I found online, over time I think I’d like to replace them with personal pictures – maybe a few from our wedding.

I’d be really interested to know what you think. Does the gallery look too plain or does it need additional frames adding? Any suggestions at all would be welcomed!


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