Look for Less – DIY Jar Lamp

Recently I found myself falling in love with a jar lamp I’d seen on Laura Ashley’s website (original here), but I wasn’t so in love with the price tag. The main part of the lamp that appealed to me was the fact that you could restyle the empty base as you fancied – I got particularly excited at the thought of baubles in the jar at Christmas time – Simon is quite a keen DIYer, and likes “building” things so was game for a challenge…

We had a quite uninspiring lamp in the living room which we used for bits (we did buy a back-up light kit in case the original light proved hard to take apart), and purchased a big jar, with a cork lid, from Homesense for £5. A trip to B&Q and we brought the neutral, slightly textured, lampshade.

Once we got all the bits home this is what we had to work with:


Firstly we dismantled the original lamp, which was fairly easy as the base of the light was only screwed in. Then we attached the light fitting onto the top of the jar by screwing it into the cork.

Light attached to cork   SAM_0247

It was then just a case of attaching the lampshade onto the fitting, and ta da!


The light cost around £9 for us to make,£56 cheaper than the Laura Ashley one. It’s not identical, but I think it looks pretty good. Next lighting project will be for the dining room – I want to make a statement piece for a fairly “blah” room.


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